Transforming the Future of Metrology for Nanomedicine
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Mission and vision

Transforming Nanomedicine through Metrology

Nanomedicines represent a leap forward in healthcare, offering treatments that are more effective, personalizable, and with fewer side effects. However, their clinical development faces unique characterization, manufacturing and regulatory challenges due to their inherent complexity. Metrino, a vanguard European project, addresses them to streamline standardisation in nanomedicine, ensuring innovation aligns with standardisation.Β 

What we do

Providing Solutions

Engage with the community to hear their needs for protocols, standards and RM, facilitate the take up of the protocols and standards developed in the project by the measurement supply chain, characterisation infrastructures, the industry and regulators.

Standardising Excellence: Our commitment to increase confidence in quality measurements of nanomedicines drives us to develop and harmonise SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and to make them available for the community. We create clear, authoritative guidelines that pave the way for consistent, high-quality research and new consensus standards in nanomedicine.

Reference Materials

Charting the Future of Reference Materials: At Metrino, we're shaping a roadmap for the development of certified reference materials of LNPs, liposomes and metal oxide nanoparticles, in collaboration with industry leaders, to ensure they represent formulations on the market. Each reference material will have homogeneous and stable attributes β€” be it particle size, chemical composition, drug loading, etc. β€” setting new benchmarks for validating accurate measurement procedures in the nanomedicine field.

Community Building

Creating a Collaborative Ecosystem: Metrino is more than just a project; it's the seed of a burgeoning community. We are dedicated to establishing a forum where metrology institutes, researchers, industry, and regulators can converge to exchange visions and solutions. This collaborative network is key to driving nanomedicine from the laboratory to the clinic, fostering an environment where ideas, expertise, and innovations in metrology can thrive.

Who we are

Elevating Nanomedicine: Unveiling the Future of Metrology with METRINO

The METRINO project is an ambitious European collaborative initiative funded by the European Partnership on Metrology, aiming to establish Europe as a leader in nanomedicine metrology.

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Metrology for Innovative Nanotherapeutics
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